Paul Bufflel

People come for massage for many reasons. Pain, injury, inability to do things they enjoy, an anxious mind, restlessness or a need to let go and relax, and a desire to take care of themselves improving their overall health and wellbeing.The problem I solve is how to create a safe environment, provide the tools, and support the change for each individual client, to bring about the outcome of feeling better in their skin.

I am passionate about many things. Passionate about motion, the power of being present, of beginner’s mind, the power of self-acceptance, community, curiosity, and joy. I love my work with clients which is simply an extension of how I choose to live my life. 

Jenny Kyplain

Jenny will guide you to a pain free body in a gentle and efficient manner.

She completes a Manual Osteopathic Therapy program in August 2020.  A.T Still created osteopath medicine after studying various therapies including bone setting with Shawnee Native Americans. Doctor of Chiropractor was born from Osteopathic medicine. Unlike Chiropractic treatment, Manual Osteopathic Therapy is gentle and precise and uses a ‘Wholistic’ approach to healing the client. It is a very efficient and practical way to heal body ailments. The treatment is administered without oil, and often the client remains clothed. This therapy can include myofascial, cranial sacral and visceral manipulation to complete a treatment.  

Jenny offers a self-taught healing modality that can be described as an Energy Treatment. In this service, intuition is utilized and applied in the event a situation rises during other treatments or a client can request this service at the time of booking.   

Jenny’s clients are empowered to take control of their own health. Results from Jenny’s treatments are long lasting, reducing the number of repeat visits providing you with a pain free, aligned and highly functioning body with a greater sense of wellbeing. From a full body assessment identifying the core challenges, through treatment and future treatment planning, she helps alleviate pain and ailments.   

After receiving my very first treatment, there was ‘knowing’ that this is the work I wanted to do. There is a strong history of healing in my family as my great grandfather was a First Nation Medicine Man in Northern Saskatchewan.   I have been in training in a variety of modalities at approved and accredited programs through the Ministry of Education in each province for over 30 years. I am currently completing training in Manual Osteopathy.  

Formal Training

  • 2400 hour Massage Therapy and Hydrotherapy 2002
  • Native Studies Degree 2008
  • University of SaskatchewanCranial Sacral training 2006
  • Upledger Institute Myofascial Training 2010
  • John Barnes and Cathy Ryan, and Manual Osteopathic College of CanadaManual Osteopathic Therapist Program 1600 hours, condensed program. 2019-2020

Jenny is multi-multi-faceted and has many interests. One of which is anti-racism education. Jenny grew up in the far north and advocates for those voiceless in the health care system, due to barriers such as lower income and education. A Native Studies degree led to many jobs such as Intake Consultants for the Human Rights Commission and Summer Student with First Nations and Metis Education Branch. Jenny loves researching World Indigenous ways of healing and International travel particularly to nerdy landmarks especially if it involves history or an Indigenous site of healing.

Other interests include researching and purchasing interesting gem stone pieces to add to a growing collection, the recent find is a large piece of Celestite, love it! A huge podcasts geek, some of my favourite podcasters are the Joe Rogan Experience and Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Bio hacking is a new passion of mine and when money and time permit, seeking new ways of self care. Love spending time with my two black cats, North and Bohdi.

Kara Davis

I’m Kara, and I’m a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. In May of 2018, I officially certified, less than a year after beginning my BodyTalk journey.

I grew up in Lloydminster, AB/SK, and later moved to Saskatoon for university. After university I spent a few years in Weyburn, only to return to Saskatoon about six years ago. I live in a condo by the river, with my fur baby Kia. I love travelling and being outdoors. I love walking and yoga. I love eating at new places and trying new foods and brews.  I love getting creative, with photography, floral design and pottery. 

Trevor Morog

  • help clients through pain, discomfort  and various physical and emotional needs so they can thrive. 
  • offering support in times of need to all.
  • Problems that need solving change continuously
  • muscular imbalances, stress, mental health
  • about helping people reach their full potential and live a life as free physically and emotionally as possible 
  • My family, fiance Kathryn Riley and our children Zuzana and Charlie
  • Our 4 cats, Angus, Trixie, Boots and Bubbles. 
  • I love running and physical activity as a form of stress reduction and physical well being. 
  • helping my community and all the wonderful people I come into contact with. We are nothing without our community 
  • my amazing colleagues at Broadway Health Collective. An inspirational bunch of people

Kelsey Schick

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2014. I completed my Diploma at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My ultimate goal is to provide massage therapy for my clients that is tailored to individual requests and needs. The body does wonderful things that allow us to live and thrive each day. I love to help people discover their mind-body connection! Educating on preventative exercises to avoid injuries and proper home care techniques is an area I tend to emphasize. Broadway Health Collective is an absolutely incredible place to be and I am grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the team!

I have a passion for educating in all areas of my life. In the last few years, I have taken an interest in safer skincare, cosmetics and beauty products. I’m on a self-directed learning journey about the ingredients in our every day products and have made safer swaps in my home and other areas of my life. When we know better, we can do better! 

Tammy Wyatt

My goal is always to listen to my patients' story about their painI try and identify the best way to help their body heal, using my tools and experience. Pain and dealing with pain is always my focus but I do not feel that the journey should be, nor has to be, painfulI strive to provide a therapeutic treatment approach that is effective but relaxing at the same time.

Helping people develop an understanding about their body and the messages that it is trying to send them providing them with effective treatment options educating patients about laser therapy, its effects on cellular metabolism to relieve pain while also enhancing healing (I can expand on this if needed)

Rose Marie Laird

I have been working as a counsellor for over 20 years and have seen people with a wide range of needs. Some of them are: * relationship issues and couple counselling *recovering from childhood abuse and trauma * anxiety and depression * trauma * loss and grief * personal development and *navigating life changes.

I take from many counselling modalities but always under the umbrella of Cultural/Relational Theory which states that although we can be hurt by relationship; we also heal through relationship. This extends to the therapeutic relationship. I use Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

I am also Health Canada Approved to do NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits) as well as IRS (Indian Residential School) for First Nations and Inuit people. (Free to those that have a treaty number or are residential school survivors or family of a residential school survivor)

Kimberly White

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Kyla Bouvier

Kyla is a mother to two beautiful boys, a terrestrial biologist,  and a consciousness based healthcare practitioner.  She has a passion for consciousness and the outdoors. Kyla first began her journey into consciousness after the sudden passing of her brother.

It was a pivotal moment in her life, one which allowed her to reflect on her own mortality and to dive deep into investigating her limiting belief systems. Through this self-discovery, she has gained a life-long passion for helping others to look deep into their soul and unlock their unlimited possibilities and discover their true purpose and passions. Kyla has training in BodyTalk, Conscious Living Investigation, Access Bars, Reiki and Oracle Card Readings.

Antony James Kohut

"Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." This is true of me; throughout my life, I never thought that my job would be my passion. I'm grateful that this is now the case.In 1996, an intuitive friend of mine suggested that I would be good at massage therapy. Two years later, I graduated, with honours, from the McKay Massage & Hydrotherapy program in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.Working at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan gave me an opportunity to hone my skills for the relaxation aspects of my treatments I offer now. I also was attuned for my first degree of reiki during this time.

After a hiatus of approximately 6 years, in May 2013 I returned to massage therapy and have since been attuned for my 2nd degree of reiki.When a person comes to see me for massage therapy and/or reiki, I do my best to create space to assist them in healing themselves, be that physically or emotionally.

I find that the combination of massage therapy and reiki creates a balance of muscle manipulation (light or deep pressure) and relaxation, which can offer a client pain relief, more pliable soft tissue structures, and emotional releases.For approximately 7 years, I have welcomed the sport of curling into my life. During the autumn & winter months, I enjoy the strategy, fun and social aspects of the game.I also enjoy spending time at the family farm. It is a point of sanctuary for me, with the peace and quiet of the natural, country atmosphere.

Rylan Berton

I'm committed and passionate about helping people optimize their health to reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort; to feel amazing and energized every day. This can be achieved through optimizing your dietary nutritional input and your nutritional movement input.  

Restorative exercise is a blend of natural human movement, whole body alignment, and bio mechanics. Restorative exercise aims to bring your body back to the way it was designed to be used. How we move has as much of an effect on our overall wellbeing as what we eat. I will help guide you through moving differently and more efficiently throughout your day, to strengthen and activate under-utilized areas of your body, as well as make new mind body connections to help you move in ways you thought were lost to you. We help you activate 100% of the muscles in your body instead of the typical 25%. Restorative exercise is applicable to everyone, from a well established athlete, to someone who simply wants to better their mobility.

Joelle Nadeau

I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic from the University of Western States in 2019. Prior to that, I earned a Master's of Science researching neuropathic pain mechanisms and a PhD investigating electrical stimulation and acute intermittent hypoxia as treatments to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration at the University of Saskatchewan. I've also completed two Bachelors' of Science in human biology and psychology with a specialization in behavioural neuroscience.

My interests ultimately lie at the crossroads of chiropractic and neuroscience.

I volunteer at the SWITCH clinic providing care to the core communities in Saskatoon and serving as a mentor to students within a variety of medical professions.I am staff to the department of Family Medicine, division of Chiropractic within the Saskatchewan Health Authority and have privileges in all of the hospitals in Saskatoon. In addition to patient care, I am passionate about research and my numerous collaborations with colleagues. Should you be interested in research, please do not hesitate to ask me about past and current projects. I am also a member of the Fédération des francophones de Saskatoon et je suit heureuse de servir la communauté française dans ma langue maternelle. 

Jenna Gordon

I thrive when I see my clients meeting their personal health and wellness goals. It is my honor to work with you to help you create the best version of your physical self!I graduated in June 2014 from MacEwan University’s 2200-hour massage therapy program in Edmonton.  Upon graduating, I worked in a chiropractic clinic where I gained experience working with people suffering with sprains, strains and injuries from motor vehicle accidents.In June 2015, I moved to Saskatchewan and have truly enjoyed working as a part-time massage therapist within the Warman and Saskatoon communities.

I am passionate about empowering women through their health. I am a practicing ATMAT (Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy) self-care therapist with intention to become a level II practitioner, (offering this service to my clients) and restore balance to the pelvic bowl. We do not have to go through life feeling shame, chronic pain, and fatigue in the pelvis. There is a dis-connect between our body and mind and I believe if we listen closely to what our body needs, and nourish it, we can reconnect and become balanced. We are radiant human beings, it is time we start living that way!

Pam Fichtner

I assess general breast health, reduce pain, release muscle tension, increase range of motion, decrease swelling, scar tissue release, lymphedema management, provide a safe space for healing, increase quality of life- for women with healthy breasts and post-breast cancer.  Some clients are fighting for their lives, physically dealing with a diagnosis of cancer or other serious health conditions. Also, general massage on all body parts to reduce pain and discomfort etc. And, bringing ease, comfort, connection with their body. Energy balancing. SomatoEmotional Release. Clients want to be touched, not only physically but emotionally too- at a deep level, witnessing them in their story and acknowledging it. Help them to thrive, more than just survive. To feel better. Have a committed relationship with myself as their massage therapist. Elevate their status to being even more healthier than they already are. I also educate my clients through teaching classes on Breast Health, Cancer Care, Breast Massage and Yoga. 

Susan Pulvermacher

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy recognizes that our health is always present and we all hold the innate ability to heal.  The stresses and strains of everyday life, coupled with the many layers of history which we carry within our body, can create obstacles to us experiencing our health in its’ fullness.

My practice is inspired by my desire to support my clients to experience life from a sense of wholeness. This is a result of my own healing journey, and the profoundly positive effect it has had on my life. I am especially inspired to help babies, moms and their families resolve the crippling effects of traumas and stresses that happen during gestation, birth and early neonatal life. The pre and perinatal period is an unique time in our lives where both mother and child have an opportunity to re-pattern imprints and change the course of their lives, I love to move my body, dancing, yoga and Pilates. It delights me that they share a common language with my work: grounding, balance, midline, and my favourite – opening the heart.

Nina Zettl

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My name is Nina Zettl. I am a mother of four, happily married and passionate about yoga, women's health, healing and empowering others. I am a Yoga Teacher, Self Regulation Therapist and Reiki Master and combine these modalities to create a powerful and holistic healing experience for my clients.

My work is focused on helping my clients deepen their mind-body-spirit connection, to empower them to connect to their innate gifts, wisdom and inner physician and help them move through trauma that impedes them from living a full and harmonious life. Through collaboration with you, I create a customized healing plan that will support you on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and can include yoga therapy, meditation, breathwork, reiki, craniosacral therapy, tarot/oracle card readings, crystal therapy and self regulation therapy.