The Healing Power of Art

In the presence of art, we may experience inspiration, wonder, and even hope; it can spark our imagination, creativity, and thinking. Our internal awareness and capacity for transformation can expand through experiences with art.

When in front of an artwork, we are connected to the artist and to others who have experienced it. And connection, to ourselves and others, is at the core of art and healing.

Healing isn’t a destination with a fixed timeline or endpoint but rather a path, or many paths. Just like each visit with a favorite work of art is a new experience with new insights, healing is a journey with possibilities stretching out in all directions.

- edited from an online MoMa article by Jackie Armstrong; Associate Educator, Visitor Research and Experience 

Kate Boyer
Artist Statement

Kate Boyer is a Métis university student who has been making art since she could hold a pencil and has grown to love everything about being creative and making things beautiful.

Kate has been extremely fortunate to showcase her art in several ways, including sharing Métis dance at the National Ballet School in Toronto, designing a set piece for the SK Design Festival, and being featured in the Fireweed Subscription Box series. She also works as a volunteer firefighter in her hometown of Rosthern. In Kate’s spare time, you will catch her rollerblading to class, hanging out with her large family (biological and found), or going on adventures with her partner in life and crime: Matayoo. After getting her degree in education, Kate hopes to pursue a career in the arts, whether in acting, filmmaking, or visual art/design.    

About the show -  This tiny show was created to make tiny works of art peeking into another person’s world just for a moment. Each of these places is a sight someone in the world sees every day. To them, these locations are completely ordinary and mundane. But to us, who have never seen them before, they are wonderfully magical. This show is meant to remind you how magical your ordinary mundane world really is. To you, it may seem boring. But to an outside observer, you are already living in a fairy tale.   

Purchasing a piece –  If you wish to purchase one of the pieces from the show or would like to talk to Kate about doing a commission, she can be reached by text at (306) 213-7377.   


July - September, 2023

My Quaint Shack. - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Blossom Bliss - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Wired - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
A Purple Afternoon - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Lobster Landing
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Something Blue - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
No Matter How Humble - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Tarracotta Terrace - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Memory Lane
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
Behind the Green Door - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
No Tricks, Only Treats - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
A Student Fueling Station - SOLD
Watercolour and ink 4"H x 4"L $70.00
The Botanical Bistro - SOLD
Watercolour and ink, 4" H x 4"L
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