As a cupping practitioner, I enjoyed this article by Resolution Health on the benefits of myofascial cupping. I have been incorporating cupping into my treatments more lately with great success. One of my clients who has had leg pain for years has seen great improvement in only 4 sessions, saying that she hasn't felt this good for years! Cupping is a safe treatment that can help resolve pain often faster than massage therapy alone.

You can book online through our website by going to Services/Manual Therapies and selecting Myofascial Cupping. Our acupuncturist also provides Traditional Chinese Medicine Fire Cupping, which you can book by selecting Services/Natural Therapies and then Fire Cupping. 

To read the full article with all 7 Surpising Benefits of Cupping by Resolution Health, click on the link below.

 The full article by Resolution Health

Pam Fichtner

Pam Fichtner

RMT, CST, Oncology Care, Lymph Drainage

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