Christie's staff member Zarish Saleem approached co-owner Tracey Muzzonlini to participate in a student project creating a short film on the bakery and what it has been like running a family-owned food business during the pandemic. The result is an incredible 10 minute film on the power of small business and it's role in our shared quality of life. 

Knowing Tracey, I expected to smile and laugh, but cry? Her heartfelt sharing of the struggles, the longing for gathering with others (as the Muzzolini's excel at), her insight into a future where we bring out our mask collection and look back at this time and say "remember that, in 2020/21 when we used to wear those?!" and the hope and focus that keeps Christie's humming during a Pandemic, is not to be missed.

Paul  Buffel

Paul Buffel

RMT, Thai Massage Practitioner & Educator

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