Have you Heard of Earthing?
You may have heard of Grounding which is the similar to Earthing and you may be doing it already and not realize it. 

The best part is how easy it is and it doesn't cost a thing. All you have to do is place your feet or hands in some soil or on the ground for approximately 30 minutes every day. Here are a few benefits to smile about:

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces pain
  • Regulates cortisol, your body's main stress hormone

There is some scientific information to back these benefits, just knowing the earth has a cyclical pulsed negative charge and humans, plants and animals and inanimate objects can be positively charged electrical beings living in an electrical world should explain a little. Your normal day to day builds up as a positive charge in the body. Hundreds of years ago people spent a lot of time in contact with the earth, walking or sleeping on the ground without anything blocking the transfer of energy - it was natural to get our bodies back to neutral when we slept or walking. Things like rubber soles on shoes and never taking them off outside prevent us from getting to neutral which can affect our health in a negative way.  

If you don't want to bare it all and hurt those tender tootsies I am offering a solution: EARTHING SHOE WORKSHOP

The July workshop is full but Saturday, August 13th is available for booking. 

Please call/text me at 306-361-4355 for more information. Maximum 4 people per Saturday.

Rob and I can help you make a leather slipper that fits YOUR foot exactly with a nice wide toe box and you can use this to walk outside and your feet are still in contact with the earth using natural products. The fun part is learning to hand sew the top to the sole. It is also interesting how we have moved away from making things with our hands. How gratifying to make your own healing earthing slippers. We provide the leather and together we laugh and learn. After completing slippers we will try them out with a walking meditation.

Cost of $100 includes leather, learning to stitch and the walking meditation in the country. From 10 am to finish.  


Denise Holmlund

Denise Holmlund

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