I’m sure you’ve certainly heard of Hot Stone Massage, but have you ever heard about Hot Stone Reflexology before? I know I’ve only just recently learned of this amazing new’ ancient’ way of therapy.

Basalt is the traditional stone used for Hot Stone Therapy, as it holds heat extremely well. The placement of the stones warms and activates the specific reflex areas of the feet and legs.
The treatment is very grounding, relaxing and healing, improving energy flow throughout the whole system immediately due to the soothing effects of heat.

Pain is reduced for sore muscles, tendons and tissues. It increases metabolism, stimulates elimination of toxins & provides a deeply profound level of relaxation that can last for several days.

Some History:

The use of stones and gem stones for healing purposes dates back thousands of years. The Japanese were known to have used heated stones to warm their abdomens to assist digestion. For approximately 4,000 years the Chinese have been using heated stones to relieve muscular tension and improve the function of the internal organs. They also used stones for detoxification and to find harmony and balance. Stones were also used in North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Egypt , and India.

·      Enhance relaxation of the body & mind
·      Alleviation of pain
·      Assist the body in the detoxification process
·      Reduced stress and improved quality of life
·      Greater sense of calmness
·      Promotes grounding due to the natural magnetic field inherent in the stones
·      Heated and cold stones can be extremely effective with sports or over-use injuries

Some clients, who have regularly received hot stone massage/reflexology, have even claimed that after a hot stone session they experience a sense of enlightenment, inner peace, and renewed spirituality.

My hope is that you will try for yourself, and experience the healing

Lisa Munro RCRT

Lisa Munro

Lisa Munro

RCRT, Reflexologist, Acupressurist

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