Katy Bowman's "Move Your DNA Podcast" has been rated as One of the Greatest's 19 Best Health & Fitness Podcasts of All Time.

In the episode I have included in the link above, Making Movement Meaningful, Katy Bowman talks with Kelly and Juliet Starrett from the "Ready State Podcast" all about their paths to becoming leaders in physical health. They share their ideas on how to make movement more joyful and relevant to you, the mover. Also covered are key concepts in Katy's new book "Rethink Your Position" available at Turning the Tide and McNally Robinson book sellers.

The second link connects you to a Ready State podcast episode where Kelly and Juliet interview Dan Buettner explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer, and New York Times bestselling author.

Dan discovered the five places in the world – dubbed blue zones hotspots – where people live the longest, healthiest lives. He also has a series on Netflix right now "Living to 100, Secrets of the Blue Zones."

These podcast resources are on the cutting edge of simple, practical ways you can support your mental and physcial health. I hope you enjoy exploring them.

Paul  Buffel

Paul Buffel

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