"We are so lightly here." - Leonard Cohen

This article on King's University College's Thantology Degree program in Walrus Magazine's May edition addresses many peoples' worst fear; death. 

The article shares how death coming close can bring out our worst or our best. Studies show that some of us, faced with the fact of death, become more humble and grateful. Exploring death and grief has given thantology students the courage to be uncomfortable, to lean in to situations most of us seek to avoid. By introspectively studying challenging material, students can move through fear to the point where they can help others and themslelves. 

"Death is a heck of a lot less scary if you look at it, talk about it, and learn how to support people." - Eunice Gorman Chair of King's College Thanatology Department.

Like children who, afraid of a monster under the bed, don't stay quietly terrified but climb down to give the darkness a good, long look, you can click on the link above for a 12 minute podcast of the full article. 

Paul  Buffel

Paul Buffel

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