Tricia Hersey is known as the “Nap Bishop.” As a poet, performance artist, and author of “Rest is Resistance,” her book is your invitation to heal and experience your humanity through dream spaces, imagining and experimenting. She asks you to give yourself permission to nap and to rest.

Her work on rest is about more than just napping though. She reveals how to unravel from the grind; the dominant culture’s drive to make you work at the pace of machines, only valuable when productive.

Don’t mistake this book for being a manifesto of self-care and wellness, concepts often subsumed by capitalism and consumerism. This is social justice work. She explains how our current culture supports systems that impede our ability to embody ourselves, to be truly human. We require silence and space to just be.

The work of the Nap Ministry is full on decolonization, unravelling from these systems that make us believe we aren’t worthy unless we are doing, producing, creating, accomplishing or consuming.

Tricia speaks of how our current culture of individualism is leading us astray. No one is self-made. We are all made by our communities and a long legacy of people who have helped us. Tricia’s work uplifts community care and all that is communal. That you exist makes you worthy of slowing down, of resting.

Celebrate your humanity and listen to the full interview of Tricia Hersey by Mary Hynes on CBC’s Tapestry, preferably lying down, by clicking on the link in the title page above.

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