Thai Massage

Thai Massage is done fully clothed (loose comfortable clothing such as you’d wear to the gym or yoga class) on a mat on the floor. It may incorporate acupressure, breath work, assisted yogic stretching, the Thai foot stick, and Tok Sen for a dynamic body/mind experience. This is a playful practice that is both deeply relaxing and energizing.

Tok Sen is a centuries old Northern Thai practice developed by Buddhist Monks. Rhythmic tapping using a wooden mallet and wedge creates a healing vibration that works deeply through muscles and fascia to release restrictions and tension.

My original training for Thai Massage was at RePlace in Chiang Mai and I have returned many times since to study at TMC, Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, with David Lutt of Lulyani School of Thai Massage and Osteothai, and to host a Thai Massage study tour at TMC through the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

My studies in the unique practice of Dynamic Thai Massage with David Lutt have led me to incorporate this creative and playful practice, described by Lulyani School of Thai Massage in France as “Perpetual Movement Poetry,” into all my sessions with clients.

You experience rhythmic, rocking, and oscillating movements with changes of pace, fluidity, and continuity that help restore lost mobility and down-regulate the nervous system. It is a beautiful exploration of the water element of the body on dry land; a meditation in movement.

French Osteopath and Thai Massage Practitioner, David Lutt studied with Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyashith of Thailand and now teaches this method through Lulyani. David also combined his studies with Ajahn Chaiyuth Priyashith and osteopathic principles and techniques, to produce another playful application of Thai Massage he calls Osteothai. I began my studies with David Lutt and his teaching partner Jorg Scheurpf in 2014.

Paul  Buffel

Paul Buffel

RMT, Thai Massage Practitioner & Educator

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