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Cold, flu, Covid and Masking

We hope you remain well this season, but if you begin to show symptoms of a cold, flu, or covid, please contact your practitioner to cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

It is your choice as to whether you wear a mask at BHC and our Practitioners will follow your lead.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


We use Benefect Decon 30, the only botanical hospital grade disinfectant recognized by Health Canada.

It is non-toxic to aquatic life, biodegradable, and non-harmful to human health.

Disinfectant spray is used on the following areas:

Treatment Rooms

All surfaces, treatment tables, and accessories, high touch areas such as doorknobs and light switches.

Common Areas 

Stairway, Reception, The Gallery, Washrooms, and Hallway

To learn self care techniques we shared during COVID-19 click below. 

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