Bindegewebsmassage is a German connective tissue massage technique used to address a multitude of illnesses and conditions.  The basic technique, applied primarily to the back and chest while seated, works reflexively via the autonomic nervous system.  It is a simple, elegant fascial technique applied in a short 30-minute session providing deep relaxation. The results are often quite notable and can be even more profound with a series of three or more sessions.

Bindegewebsmassage can be utilized to effectively treat a variety of health concerns including arthritis, sciatica, asthma, menstrual cramps, migraines, neurological dysfunctions, provide pain relief, and support healthy digestion and reproductive health.

Healing (Mechanism of) Effect - support of neurophysiological response to a parasympathetic environment

  • immediate local effect on circulatory system due to neural reflex mechanisms and tissue hormone release
  • via segment reflexes it triggers functional changes (antispasmodic) in distant organs
  • creates ascending sensory stimuli, triggering autonomic and psychological whole body responses within the central nervous system, or the healing effect

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