Keith Ramage is one of two new additions to our team of Massage Therapists at BHC, supporting our clients' health needs.

Keith has been in the massage profession since December 2006. After his initial schooling he focused on Myofascial Release attending seminars in California, Washington and Kentucky. His current interest is the exploration of how the energetic component of massage therapy supports the wellness of his clients.

In his own words;

"Our ‘fight or flight’ systems have to be de-activated to heal. If we’re always stuck in a heightened awareness, we’ll forever be pushing the gas and the brakes at the same time. We’ve all been through trauma and the body remembers. The muscle memory works to keep areas tight to protect long after the trauma has vanished. That same muscle memory can be tamed with targeted, firm pressure. It’s as though the ‘dis-ease’ has melted through the body and is there no longer."

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Paul  Buffel

Paul Buffel

RMT, Thai Massage Practitioner & Educator

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