The September/October edition of WHOLifE Journal includes an Oncology Yoga article by Pam Fichtner.

Cancer isn't going to go away any time soon. According to statistics, there is an increase in cancer rates world-wide, yet at the same time, the mortality rates have declined due to the overall prevention, detection, and treatment of cancers.

This is a good sign as it leaves us with a population that is alive, in the here and now, and that needs to be able to live well, as they deal with the ongoing challenges of side effects physically, mentally, and emotionally after the cancer diagnosis. Yet, how can cancer survivors thrive, live to their optimum level of health, after dealing with this life changing news?

Look for the latest edition of WHOLifE Journal around town to read the article or click on the link above for the full article in my blog.

Pam Fichtner

Pam Fichtner

RMT, CST, Oncology Care, Lymph Drainage

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