Michela Carrier is your guide for land-based retreats that explore Cree culture, nature therapy and wilderness survival in the northern Saskatchewan river delta south of Cumberland House. Aski Holistic Adventures offers active wilderness experiences based out of Big Eddy Lodge, Saskatchewan.

Some of my most memorable and meaningful winter and summer experiences in this province have happened with Michela, her dad Solomon, and her mom Renee at Big Eddy Lodge. Whether hosting Fat Bike group rides, the Escape the Hooved Man Fat Bike race, or our plant medicine forest adventure, I have bathed in the beauty of the land, and the warmth and care of the Carrier family. Whichever experience you choose from all Michela has to offer, it will be the highlight of your Northern Saskathchewan adventure. 

Cozy cabins, exceptional food, and a wood fired sauna, surrounded by forest, water and blue sky make for unforgettable stories.

Michela has also recently launched her Cree Talks Podcast where you can share in the most wonderful stories of life on the land between Michela, her dad, her mom, and other guests. Stories on Moose Hunting, the opportunities and dangers of travelling on ice, the coming together of cultures to make a family, and the harrowing story of surviving a wolf attack, are ones you won't want to miss.

Below are links to Michela's website, the Big Eddy Lodge website, the reality tv show "Merchants of the Wild" which aired on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) with Michela as a participant - a second season is coming soon, Cree Talks Podcast and an Aski Holisitic Adventure video. 

- written by Paul Buffel


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