ConnectR helps you find calls to action to grow what you know, encourage a shared future and generate change.

Reconciliation Saskatoon is a community of over 115 organizations, non-profits, businesses and partners who have come together towards one mission: to initiate a citywide conversation about Reconciliation and provide opportunities for everyone to engage in calls to action. 

ConnectR is a project that evolved out of a desire to share the opportunities we experience through Reconciliation Saskatoon beyond our circle.

The journey of Reconciliation is not an easy one. That’s why we built ConnectR—to help people take that first step, and then the next step, and next step…

• On the site, you’ll find calls to action. Ideas about things that you can do to move toward Reconciliation. We start by inviting you into the circle, to choose your path. You can also find calls to action organized into themes, so that you can access information that appeals to your interests and where you’re at on your journey.

• Become a ConnectR by responding to one of those calls. It’s that simple. It’s about learning and taking action and then repeating that cycle as you grow what you know.

• Want to help others? Share your journey. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #BeAConnectR. When you share your journey, you help to grow the community of people who are actively doing small actions—one at a time—to foster change, build relationships, and create a shared future.

• Need support or accountability? We regularly host Reconciliation Challenges, inviting people to join a private Facebook group and choose a call to action every week for 8 weeks.

• The Challenges and Facebook group are great ways to find a community of others doing this work. We also host Let’s Talk: Reconciliation Conversations every month. Check out our Events page for more details!