The recent crisis in Ukraine has generated an outpouring of support from artists across Canada. In particular, Indigenous peoples have shown solidarity for Ukrainians by wearing kokum scarves, illustrating the historical connection between Indigenous groups and Ukrainian settlers.

The link remains present today, as both peoples create art that ties them to ritual, memory, and place. This panel discussion as part of Art Now last weekend featured artists of Indigenous and Ukrainian descent, who live on colonized land, to discuss the significance of objects in reclaiming and understanding cultural heritage.

Jen Budney, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, moderates this fascinating discussion between Woodland Cree/Norwegian painter and bead artist Vanessa Hyggen from nemepith sipihk (Sucker River) in Northern Saskatchewan and Ukranian artist Lesia Maruschak originally from Saskatchewan, now living in Ottawa.

You can watch the full fascinating discussion on the Art Now YouTube channel by clicking this link: Memory is Material