Time Holds All the Answers includes architecturally-scaled sculpture, immersive multi-media installations, and sound and text-based pieces. The works touch on subjects including resource extraction and land use, toxicity and containment, intersections of the global market with human elders, translation across Indigenous and colonial languages, and the mythologies of modern art and architecture.

Postcommodity deploy a creative and invigorating methodology of hacking, intentionally breaking pre-determined products or structures in order to modify their original use and inspire alternative outcomes. Using art as a wedge, Postcommodity inject Indigenous Knowledge Systems into the museum space to expand common points of reference.

The artists transform the museum into a site where their concept of re-imagined ceremony takes shape. Postcommodity’s approach creates an immersive narrative environment throughout the museum, welcoming visitors into a realm of symbolic exchange that enacts respect, responsibility and reciprocity.

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