Treaty Talk, Sharing the River of Life, is a film about our collective responsibility to treaty that helps build understanding, allyship and bridges for better relationship and work together.
Through the sharing of a traditional Cree understanding on natural law and treaty we explore and model how Indigenous nations and non-Indigenous allies in Canada can come together to transform racism and discrimination at a local and systemic level building a future of mutual benefit.

Treaty Walk, A Journey for Common Gound, follows a group of Indigenous Elders, public health care union workers, representatives of faith communities and others as they embark on a 14 day long walk. The group departs from Edmonton, Alberta in Treaty 6 Territory with the goal of making it to Calgary, Alberta in Treaty 7 Territory. This group of determined walkers explore together what it means to be Treaty people working and living on common ground.

The journey has an emotional impact on the walkers, many of who are healthcare professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of the Treaty and Indigenous ways of knowing. Through learning and living into the Natural Laws of Kindness, Honesty, Sharing, and Strength, they all walk to transform themselves and the communities they visit along the way.

Links to the films: Treaty Talk and Treaty Walk

The synopsis for this article was edited by Paul Buffel from the Treaty Talk website.