Broadway Health Collective Chiroprator Dr. Joelle Nadeau’s doctoral research was recently published in the medical journal Experimental Neurology.

She investigated the effectiveness of electrical stimulation and a modified breathing treatment (temporarily reduced oxygen) on the regrowth of nerves in the leg after trauma.

You can read her research article by clicking on this link: Dr. Nadeau's Research Article

Dr. Joelle Nadeau, MSc PhD DC is a practicing Chiropractor at Broadway Health Collective and a medical researcher in the field of neuroscience; specifically spinal cord and nerve injury regeneration and rehabilitation therapies. 

She is staff to the Department of Family Medicine, Division of Chiropractic within the Saskatchewan Health Authority and has privileges in all of the hospitals in Saskatoon. She volunteers at the Switch Clinic providing care to the core communities in Saskatoon and serves as a mentor to students within a variety of medical professions.

She currently has active funding and research collaboration at the University of Saskatchewan investigating upper neck structural changes in migraine sufferers before and after chiropractic treatment compared to the general population.