This appointment is conducted virtually.

As a Patient Navigator I have the time for you, to ensure that you have a full understanding of all of your health related conditions, medications, and treatments. Are you always made aware of alternative treatment options? As your Patient Navigator I can help you learn everything you want to know, and I'm competent in researching multiple topics from reputable and trustworthy sources. I then relay that information to you in a manner that matches your learning style and needs.

As a Patient Navigator I can:

  • Educate on diagnosis/procedures/treatment options/medications.
  • Attend doctors appointments/outpatient procedures or treatments with you.
  • Consultation in home or over the phone with patient/family/healthcare providers.
  • Review and research treatment options and medications.
  • Improve communication between patient/family, and healthcare team.
  • Consolidate medical records into a health history timeline.
  • Address underlying concerns of the patient/family.
  • Facilitate healthcare team meetings.